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The Carp Society

When the Society was formed in 1981, Carp Angling was very much in its infancy. Over the 35 years since inception, it has developed into a major branch of angling. Our organisation has needed to keep pace with the rapid and ongoing commercialisation of our sport.

The primary aim was to develop and promote Carp Angling. Today, the organisation still abides by the founding principles of representing carp angling in the best possible way.

If you would like to join The Society you can email us at info@horseshoelakelechlade.com or phone us on 01367 253959

Adult - £25.00 for one year.
Membership will run for twelve months from receipt of payment.

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Latest News

Our fisheries are amongst the best in the UK and the facilites at our premier water, Horseshoe Lake are pretty much unrivalled.

Events both at Horseshoe and at our annual Winter Show are much acclaimed.

Visit our site Horseshoe Lake Fishery for all the information how to fish our waters.

Regular catch reports and information are posted frequently on our Facebook Page


We are perhaps best known for our prestigious annual Winter Show at Sandown Park, Esher.

Dates for 2015 - Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November and this site is largely dedicated to that event.

Preparations begin around April when Exhibitor packs are available. Online tickets go onsale around September. This will be our sixteenth year. Please re-visit this site for details from June onwards.

You will find more about us, our purpose and aims within these pages.

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Little Farriers

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